Q. How to upload a notice?
- Go-to http://notices.smartcampus.iitd.ac.in/ and login using kerberos ID
- Click on ‘Add Notice’ option from the top-bar
- Fill up the form about your notice :
- Choose the type of notice -- Text, Image, Video
- Fill in the title and description
- Decide the validity period of the notice
- Each notice needs to get approved by some approver for which multiple channels have been created - pick the channel that you feel is relevant
- For example, pick channel ‘BRCA’ if your poster is regarding BRCA and that the BRCA approver would allow it later
- You can have multiple channels as well, any one approval would do
- If you can’t identify with any channel - then post it at the ‘Default’ channel - which is the default channel
- Once you’re done click on ‘Add Notice’
- Your notice will be up and running as soon as the approver approves it
- Notice will be valid until the chosen time, after which it will be removed

Q. What are the relevant links for the IDS project?
- LHC’s Virtual Board -- http://notices.smartcampus.iitd.ac.in/screen/?id=5
- Content management -- http://notices.smartcampus.iitd.ac.in/

Q. How can I check whether my notice has been approved?
- Go-to the ‘My Contents’ section of the website
- Here you can see all your notices along-with their approval status
- Note : System refreshes every 15 minutes - so give it some time to reload

Q. How to edit my notice?
- Again go-to the ‘My Contents’ section of the website
- Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the desired notice and now you can edit it
- Note : Once a notice has been approved you cannot edit it, you’ll start afresh

Q. How to approve/unapprove a notice? [For approvers]
- Approvers can login into http://notices.smartcampus.iitd.ac.in/ by kerberos
- You’ll land at the channels page - where you’ll be able to see the channels for which you’re the approver of
- Click on the desired channel
- There you’ll be able to see various notice requests - go through them and you can approve or unapprove each one by clicking on the respective button
- Once it’s been approved the changes can be seen at the notices website -- http://notices.smartcampus.iitd.ac.in/screen/?id=5